Baccarat Table Layout Types

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games around the world, known for its simple gameplay and high stakes. It is a card game that involves betting on either the player or the banker’s hand, and it is played on a baccarat table. The table layout of a baccarat game can vary depending on the type of baccarat being played. In this article, our team will explore the different types of table layouts and how they affect the game.

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Introduction to Online Baccarat: Game Rules

Baccarat is a card game that originated in Italy and has become a staple in casinos worldwide. It is a game that is easy to understand and play, and it is a favorite among high rollers due to its high stakes. However, before we dive into the different types of table layouts, let’s first understand how the game is played.

In baccarat, the objective is to have a hand value closest to 9. Cards 2-9 hold their face value, while 10s and face cards are worth 0 points, and aces are worth 1 point. Each hand consists of two or three cards, and the player can either bet on their hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie between the two. The winner is the hand that has the highest value, and in case of a tie, the bets are returned to the player.

Baccarat Table
Baccarat Table

Common Features of Baccarat Tables: Is There a Limit on the Number of Players?

When you first look at a baccarat table, the most obvious feature is that there are numbered positions for each of the players. Depending on which version of baccarat is being played, this can range from 2 to 14; however, many tables omit the numbers 13 and 4 as they thought to be unlucky by superstitious players. This offers assurance and comfort while playing an exciting game!

Every gaming station will feature a dedicated position for each wager, including Player and Banker bets, as well as Tie bet. Optional side bets are also available depending on the game type. Furthermore, tables offer a chip tray to discard used cards; an area designated for dealer tips; another containing chips belonging to the house; and finally – a shoe holder encompassing all of your playing cards.

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Placement of Players at the Baccarat Table

The design and shape of the baccarat table allow many players to gather around the table for a game. Generally, a standard baccarat table can accommodate up to 14 players, each with a designated section. In this arrangement, players sit in seats numbered one through fifteen, excluding the unlucky number thirteen. The areas representing the player and the banker are situated in the middle of the table where players can place their bets. There are also sections for the tie bet and for the commission owed to the house. At one end of the table, the caller, also known as the croupier, directs the gameplay, ensuring that all betting procedures are correctly followed. This organized seating arrangement fosters an engaging, communal gaming experience while maintaining order and efficiency in the gameplay process.

Standard Big Baccarat Table Layout in Online Casinos

The standard baccarat table is the most common type of table you will find in casinos. It is also known as the full-size table and is typically located in the high-limit gaming areas of a casino. The table is approximately the size of a craps table and can accommodate up to 14 players at once.

The layout of the standard table consists of three betting sections – for player’s, for the banker’s, and for the tie betting section. The dealer stands in the middle of the table and deals the cards face down to the player and banker. The table also includes a commission box where the casino collects a commission on banker bets.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout
Mini Baccarat Table

Mini Baccarat Table Layout

Mini table is a smaller version of the standard table and is popular in casinos that have limited space or cater to lower-stakes players. The table is about the size of a blackjack table and can accommodate up to 7 players at once.

Mini-baccarat table is similar to the standard table, with three betting areas for the player, banker, and tie. However, the dealer deals the cards face up instead of face down, and the casino does not collect a commission on banker bets. Mini baccarat is a faster-paced game than the standard version of the game, and the minimum bets are typically lower.

Midi Baccarat Table Layout

Midi baccarat is a hybrid between the standard and mini tables. It is larger than the mini table but smaller than the standard table, accommodating up to 9 players at once. The table is typically found in high-limit areas of a casino.

The layout of the midi table is similar to the standard and mini tables, with three betting sections for the player, banker, and tie. The dealer deals the cards face down to the player and banker, and the casino collects a commission on banker bets.

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Baccarat Table for Playing EZ Baccarat

EZ baccarat is a popular variation of baccarat that eliminates the commission on banker bets. Instead, the game uses a “Dragon 7” and “Panda 8” side bet. The game is played on a mini table.

In EZ baccarat, the Dragon 7 bet wins when the banker hand is total of 7 points. The Panda 8 bet wins when the player hand is total of 8 points. The payouts for these side bets vary, but they can be as high as 40 to 1.


Baccarat is a popular card game that can be played on different types of tables with different layouts. Understanding the differences between these layouts can help players choose the right table for their preferences and skill level. Whether you’re a high roller or a casual player, there’s a table layout that suits your needs.


  • Can I play baccarat on any table in a casino?

    No, baccarat is typically played on specific tables designed for the game. These tables can have different layouts depending on the type of baccarat being played.

  • Do the different table layouts affect the gameplay?

    Yes, the different layouts can affect the pace of the game, the number of players who can participate, and the betting options available.

  • Which table layout is best for beginners?

    Mini baccarat is often recommended for beginners because it has a lower minimum bet and a faster pace.

  • Are there any strategies I can use to win at baccarat?

    Baccarat is a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed strategy to win. However, some players use betting systems or follow patterns in the game to try to increase their chances of winning.

  • Can I play EZ baccarat on a standard table?

    No, EZ baccarat is typically played on a mini table with a specific layout that includes the Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets.

  • How many seats are at a baccarat table?

    The number of seats at a baccarat table can vary, ranging from 7 to 14 seats, depending on the specific version being played. Additionally, there will be a designated area for the dealer, and in certain variations, there may be up to three dealers. It is worth noting that, due to superstitious beliefs, the player positions are often numbered, with numbers 4 and 13 being skipped.

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