Responsible gambling

Gambling should remain an enjoyable pastime. However, not all players cope with it – the game causes them too many emotions, to which it is also easy to become addicted. In every country, up to 5% of players fall into addiction.

We encourage you to play responsibly!

The challenge for casinos, bookmakers and related establishments is to take steps to gamble responsibly. By doing so, they protect the well-being of their customers and preserve their user base. The bottom line is that care is a win-win factor.

Why does addiction occur?

There can be many reasons: a gray reality, the hope of winning a million for your family, gambling and the desire for pleasant emotions. However, the mechanism for addiction is usually the same: the reward system built into our psyche. When we receive a reward, the brain sends happiness hormones into the bloodstream; we feel pleasure and want to repeat it.

Herein lies the hook that some players fall for: they get used to wanting the reward rather than receiving it. As we all know, anticipation is often more satisfying than the event itself. Gambling games provide almost unlimited reserves of such anticipation because they are constructed in a way that constantly creates the illusion that winning is just around the corner!

If you like to compete, if you do things impulsively, or if you get bored too quickly, you are probably at risk.

How can you tell if you’ve fallen into an addiction?

First, addiction manifests itself in the pursuit of loss. You want to win at all costs and keep betting even if you lose.

Second, the pursuit of winning causes you to take credit. Players will do anything to get the funds to play.

Third, addiction is hard to stop. You can’t stop gambling, the urge is too strong.

Fourth, you lie and hide the game. Your environment is usually good at seeing from the outside what is going on and trying to stop you. So the player hides from his family and continues to gamble.

Casinos with responsible gambling policies offer special questionnaires to determine if you have an addiction. We recommend that you take these tests regularly and monitor yourself so that gambling remains a pleasant and comfortable pastime.

How can I avoid addiction?

You can take adequate preventative measures against addiction. If you find it difficult to control your gambling expenses, the following remedies may help:

Protecting minors.

Responsible gambling necessarily includes closing gambling to minors. The psyche of children and teenagers is not yet mature, they do not yet know how to control themselves. That’s why gambling can be very harmful for the immature organism.

That is why the laws of all countries forbid people under 18 to gamble. Casinos also support this policy. They also use identity checks to make sure the player is of legal age.

What organizations exist to help players?

There are a lot of services to help you deal with addiction. The key is to understand and accept the addiction. And then fight it – along with support from family and specific organizations. Here’s an example:

Get in touch to find out more about how to play safely and enjoyably.