The Comprehensive Guide to Midi Baccarat Rules

Baccarat, with its rich history and intriguing gameplay, has always been a staple in casinos worldwide. Among its various versions, Midi Baccarat stands out as a unique variant. In this article, we delve deep into the rules, strategies, and intricacies of Midi Baccarat.

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What is Midi Baccarat?

Midi Baccarat is a middle-ground between the traditional big table Baccarat and its miniature counterpart. It combines the elegance of the former with the pace of the latter, making it a favorite among many players.

How to Play Midi Baccarat

Understanding Midi Baccarat: Betting and Basic Rules

Midi Baccarat typically involves eight decks of cards, which are shuffled in a shoe after each round. The game features two main participants: the Player and the Banker. The primary objective is to determine which side will approach the value of nine more closely. A winning hand can be achieved either by securing a natural hand (totaling 8 or 9) or by having a score that exceeds the opponent’s by four points or more.

Card values are straightforward: numbers 2 through 9 hold their face value, whereas tens, face cards, and any combinations thereof are valued at zero. The Ace card is valued at 1 point. Should the combined value of cards exceed 10, the initial digit is disregarded. For instance, a combination of a 3 and a 9 results in a value of 2, not 12.

During the game, players primarily focus on placing their bets. They can stake their money on the Player, the Banker, or predict a Tie. If a bet is placed on the Player and it wins, the payout is 1:1, doubling the initial wager. Similarly, a winning bet on the Banker also offers a 1:1 payout, but the house retains a 5% commission from the winnings. As Ties are less frequent, they offer a more lucrative payout of 8:1.

🎴 Deck CountTypically eight decks
🎲 Main BetsPlayer, Banker, Tie
🐉 Side Bet OptionDragon Bonus
9️⃣ Game ObjectiveClosest total to nine
🌍 Popular inBoth land-based and online casinos
⭐ Skill Level RequiredBeginner to Intermediate
🏠 House EdgeVaries based on bet

The Mechanics of Midi Baccarat Explained

At the beginning of a Midi Baccarat round, four cards are drawn from the shoe. The Player’s hand comprises the first and third cards, while the Banker’s hand consists of the second and fourth cards. In traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, the cards are revealed by the players who have placed the highest bets on the Player and Banker, respectively. In online versions, the cards are simply displayed on the screen.

Bettors should note that wagers can only be made before the cards are revealed. Once the dealer announces ‘no more bets’, the round begins. A hand total of 8 or 9 for either the Player or the Banker is termed a ‘natural’, and in such instances, no additional cards are drawn.

If neither hand achieves a ‘natural’, additional cards may be dealt as per the game’s rules, determining the winner of the round.

People Playing Midi Baccarat

Understanding Stand Rules in Midi Baccarat: The Third Card Rule

In Midi Baccarat, the decision to stand or draw depends on the card totals:

For the Player:

For the Banker:

It’s crucial for players to be familiar with these rules to make informed decisions during the game.

Exploring the Dragon Bonus in Midi Baccarat

In Midi Baccarat, apart from the standard bets (Player, Banker, and Tie), there’s an intriguing side bet option known as the Dragon Bonus. To place this bet, players must have an active bet for the forthcoming hand, excluding a tie bet.

The Dragon Bonus bet diverges from the primary bets by allowing players to wager on the precise margin of victory between the Player and the Banker. The payout structure for this side bet is as follows:

OutcomePayout Ratio
Natural winner1:1
Natural tiePush
Non-natural victory by 930:1
Non-natural victory by 810:1
Non-natural victory by 76:1
Non-natural victory by 64:1
Non-natural victory by 52:1
Non-natural victory by 41:1

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Mastering Midi Baccarat Gameplay: Tips and Strategy

Midi Baccarat is cherished by many for its swift gameplay and the freedom it offers. Players can approach the game using a variety of strategies, with the “best” one being subjective and influenced by individual goals, preferences, and familiarity with the game. It’s crucial to play responsibly, avoid pursuing losses, and maintain a composed mindset.

The charm of Midi Baccarat lies in its simplicity. After placing a bet, players can effortlessly observe the game’s progression, free from the burdensome decisions often found in games like blackjack. Many enthusiasts appreciate this Baccarat variant for its ability to elevate the core gameplay, presenting additional winning avenues. Give it a try and experience the allure firsthand! Here are some key tips and strategies for Midi Baccarat:


Midi Baccarat is an enthralling variant of the classic Baccarat game that offers both seasoned gamblers and novices an exciting casino experience. With its straightforward rules and swift gameplay, it’s no wonder Midi Baccarat has gained immense popularity in both land-based and online casinos. While the game largely relies on chance, understanding its nuances and employing certain strategies can make the gameplay more engaging and potentially rewarding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Midi Baccarat?

    Midi Baccarat is a variant of traditional Baccarat that sits between the standard big table game and mini Baccarat in terms of size and pace.

  • How many decks are used in Midi Baccarat?

    Typically, Midi Baccarat is played with eight decks of cards.

  • What's the main objective of the game?

    The primary goal is to predict which hand, the Player or the Banker, will be closest to a total of nine.

  • What is a Dragon Bonus in Midi Baccarat?

    The Dragon Bonus is a side bet option that allows players to wager on the exact margin of victory between the Player and the Banker.

  • Is there a strategy to win at Midi Baccarat?

    While the game is largely based on chance, understanding the rules, managing your bankroll, and employing some basic strategies can enhance your chances.

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